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Link Building

It is one of the most controversial and often talked (written) about topics of the search engine optimization industry.

SEO Content Writing

It is somewhat of a misnomer--it really should be replaced with high quality and well researched content writing.

Code Optimization

It is a service you can expect at the highest levels of search engine optimization services, as it involves an overhaul of your website HTML.

PPC Strategy

To tailor a PPC campaign that’s right for you, we will get to know your business, industry sector, competitors and UPS’s. Then can we work with you to develop a strategy that’s going to deliver the results you need.


We will work to deliver that strategy by building out your existing campaigns, or establishing accounts at new networks if identified. It’s important to us that you own the accounts, and that you have a relationship with the network owners.


We'll ensure you’re targeting the most appropriate keywords and not wasting spend. We use sophisticated techniques ensuring you cover the full search landscape but avoid the areas which aren’t right for your business.

Adcopy Writing

We ensure your adverts are tightly focused to the ad group’s keywords and to the landing pages on your website; with a strong call to action and continuous testing we can be sure you’re getting the right traffic at the lowest cost you could pay.

Ad Extensions

Ad extensions have become a vital part of the PPC arsenal. Ad extensions transform your adtext and give you the opportunity to stand out, over your competitors. If you’re not using ad extensions in today’s bid landscape, then you’re missing a trick.


Without the right data, optimising a PPC campaign would just be a shot in the dark, so one of the very first things we do is to make sure the tracking is setup properly, giving us all the data we need to optimise the accounts going forward.

PPC Optimisation

Ongoing optimisation will continually refine and focus the campaign to push the performance boundaries. Attention to detail is the key; A slightly higher click through rate in this Ad group, a slightly lower CPC on this keyword – it all makes a difference overall.


We produce reports which provide meaningful insight into what’s going on with your PPC campaign, what we’ve done since our last report; what we’ve noticed your competitors doing and of course, how your paid search is performing against the key metrics you’re most interested in.

Quick results

Three Simple Steps

You might know this situation – you have a website but you need more traffic. Well I think every website owner knows about this. I found this strategy – and people told me that this strategy has doubled their organic traffic overnight. So it might work for you also..

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Analyze Website

Site Analyzer is an optimisation tool for your website. This SEO tool will allow you to analyse your website and generate a multi-point audit sorted by category (accessibility, design, texts, multimedia and networking).

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On-page optimization

Now go and do a normal SEO report on your pages for your keywords. For each of your top 10 pages you will make a report. In most of the SEO software you will write your URL, your keyword and the search engine – and it will tell what you need to do on-page to optimize your page.

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Meta tag and Meta content

Meta tags give search engines more information about a web page. This is implicit information, meaning that it’s not visible to visitors of the web page itself. Meta descriptions are HTML attributes that provide concise explanations of the contents of web pages.

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Detailed Analytics

We mash-up crawler, analytics, ranking, link and social data to help you make the most of your content marketing efforts. At a glance you can see key data about all the pages on your site and prioritise issues that need attention and recommendations you want to implement.

Technical optimization

This page contains technical search engine optimization tips, how-to information and SEO advice on how to adjust for server and design issues

Semantic core

The semantic core is a list of words, characterizing the type of activity and the goods and services offered, and at the same time meeting the demands of the target audience.

Internal optimization

A well-optimized website is the foundation for SEO success. The content on your website, and the HTML behind your pages are critical pieces of competing for top rankings. When done correctly, it makes your website search engine friendly.

Optimization of text pages

In search engine optimization, on-page optimization refers to factors that have an effect on your Web site or Web page listing in natural search results.

SEO Audit

comprehensive website SEO audit will be comprised of dozens of pages and address even the tiniest of website elements which may potentially be detrimental to the ranking-ability of a website.

Organizing Structure

it’s one of the most crucial aspects of a site’s SEO performance, but on the other hand, few webmasters and owners understand what it means to have a site structure that enhances SEO.

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How our social team can help

GLAD social media service is designed to keep you in total control of your messages across various social media networks, and is based on understanding your own unique business challenges and objectives.

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Pay-Per-Click Advertising

PPC, or paid search marketing is the quickest and most controllable way to get your website to the top of the search results .

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Social Media Marketing

When people hear the term social media their minds usually head towards Twitter and Facebook, however, there are many more.

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Content marketing services

It is the backbone of our SEO and link building strategies have important role in search engine scoring, buzz and social sharing.